Texas Country Sessions

Marshall Garrett spoke with Zach Neil and Kate Watson ahead of the Yellow Rose Boot Scoot at the Kenney Store on October 2nd!

Marshall Garrett spoke with Carson Jeffrey ahead of his performance at the Washington County Fair. (7:11 – Original Interview 9/17/2021)

Tracey Lawless talks with Clay Walker about his new album, the original cowboy hat, and his performance at the Washington County Fair! (11:03 – Original Interview 9/17/2021)

Marshall Garrett spoke with the Radio Cowboy himself Jon Stork about the success of his first album, hitting the stage at the Washington County Fair, and what it means to be back in front of fans. (7:23 – Original Interview 9/16/2021)

Marshall Garrett visited with Sealy native Will Carter about starting in music at such a young age, a change in songwriting style, and how he adapted during the pandemic! (14:32 – Original Interview 9/7/2021)

Marshall Garrett spoke with Jake Bush ahead of his show at the Somerville Ice House. Jake talks about performing in the pandemic, his hit song “Better by the Beer”, and what performing means to him. (6:44 – Original Interview 9/3/2021)

Marshall Garrett chatted with Doug Stone ahead of his performance at the Fayette County Fair. (6:30 – Original Interview 8/31/2021)

Tracey Lawless had the chance to speak with Steve Wariner about an upcoming album, his favorite guitar, and what to expect when he heads to the Kenney Store in September! (16:16 – Original Interview 8/24/2021)

Tracey Lawless spoke with rising artist Allora Leonard about what inspires her music, how she got started at such a young age, and her busy schedule! (4:38 –  Original Interview 8/23/2021)

Marshall Garrett had the pleasure of speaking with Terry McBride about his 30 plus year career, the ups and downs of a life in country music, and how he has embraced the constantly changing world we live in! (15:53 –  Original Interview 8/23/2021)

Marshall Garrett sat down with Chance Anderson of Chance and The Takers to discuss his Oklahoma roots, being back on the road, and how the pandemic changed his outlook on life and music. (10:22 –  Original Interview 8/20/2021)

Marshall Garrett spoke with John “Swat” Swantner about his unique nickname, how his military service has shaped his perspective, and what it was like going from Texas to Nashville and back again. (7:43 –  Original Interview 8/19/2021)

Tracey Lawless visits with Hunter Thomas about his spontaneous start in music, the first time he got on stage to perform, and all the work behind the scenes that goes toward making a life in country music! (7:01 –  Original Interview 8/17/2021)

Marshall Garrett had Scotty Alexander in studio to discuss his ice cream obsession, a varied background in the music business, and how he is adapting to the ever changing world of country music. (9:59 –  Original Interview 8/17/2021)

Marshall Garrett talks with Thom Shepherd about the transition from songwriter to performer, balancing family life with a career in music, and his new sound with an island theme! (9:57 – Original Interview 8/13/2021)

Crystal Raye visited with Ben McPeak to learn about his unusual start in music, the journey to this point, and what he hopes is next! (9:41 – Original Interview 8/5/2021)

Tracey Lawless sat down with The Chad Cooke Band ahead of their show at the 4 Star Concert Hall in Brenham. They talked about everything from new music to Blue Bell Ice Cream. (9:22 – Original Interview 8/6/2021)

Tracey Lawless sits down with Curtis Grimes ahead of the release of his brand new album. They talk about some old college memories, cool experiences, and what Curtis hopes to do with his music. (10:39 – Original Interview 7/29/2021)

Tracey Lawless sits down with Logan Winkles to talk about how he and his band, Hartley Station, put their own twist on Texas Country. (5:54 – Original Interview 7/29/2021)