Texas Country Sessions – 2022

Marshall Garrett spoke with Carter Lybrand about his start in music, putting out new music during a pandemic, and how his life experience has led him where he is today! (8:27 – Original Interview 1/13/2022)

Trail Boss Troy had Casey Chesnutt in studio to talk about forging his way in the music business and if we could ever see him on stage with his father. (7:16 – Original Interview 1/17/2022)

Marshall Garrett spoke with Jesse Daniel ahead of his show at the 4 Star Concert Hall in Brenham! (8:02 – Original Interview 1/7/2022)

Marshall Garrett sat down with Jody Booth ahead of his benefit for Brenham NEXT at the Silver Wings Ballroom. They talked about growing up in small town Texas, being back in front of fans, and even MySpace! (6:35 – Original Interview 1/5/2022)