“There’s no cell service in here and it’s giving me a rash” – Kris Jenner

Eilish grew up wherever her Navy dad was stationed whether it was Hawaii or Italy before her family settled in Brenham, after falling in love with the town they decided to stay!  As a graduate from Brenham High School, Eilish headed off to Navarro College for a degree in Communications.

After college, Eilish came back home to Brenham and started working at the Washington County Boys and Girls Club as a Youth Professional and then taught for a short time at Christ Lutheran Day School helping children with her bright personality and strong work ethic.

Favorite Food: Pasta, literally any pasta

Favorite Show: The Real Housewives

What is a fictional world/place you would like to visit? Atlantis

Favorite Movie:  The Bling Ring

Favorite TV Show: Vanderpump Rules

Favorite Book: A Touch of Darkness Series by Scarlett St. Clair

Celebrity Crush: Pete Davidson

Favorite Holiday: It’s a tie between Halloween and Christmas

One thing you can’t live without: Coffee with hazelnut creamer

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A marine biologist, sharks are my favorite animal