Tracey Lawless

Just Keep Swimming

There’s No Earthly Way of Knowing Which Direction She is Going

Tracey Lawless grew up in Ranger, Texas, but she has lived everywhere from Oklahoma, Florida, Alaska, and even Germany! She attended Southwest Texas State (now just Texas State) and majored in Journalism and English.

She started working in radio at 17-years-old when she walked into a radio station in her small home town and asked for a job. She has worked at 9 stations in three different states. Now she is back home in Texas, working as the KTEX Program Director and an on-air personality on the Morning Express from 6am – 10am every weekday with Trailboss Troy.


The fictional character Tracey identifies with the most is Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy because she’s a giant goofball and the strangest things always happen to her. For example, one time she was broadcasting from a parade and a bunch of Shriner clowns in tiny cars started chasing her. She tried to finish her break gracefully like a good little DJ but ended up running down the road screaming after one tried to pick her up in his little clown arms.

Get to Know Tracey Lawless

Favorite Food – Mexican or anything sweet

Favorite Movie – Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (She would love to be able to visit the chocolate factory)

Favorite Book – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (at least recently, she reads A LOT, like a lot a lot, like 100 books a year a lot, so it changes often)

Favorite Show – All of the Real Housewives shows

Life Motto – “Be Kind”

Favorite Country Song – “I Was on a Boat That Day” by Old Dominion

Favorite Country Artist – Carrie Underwood

Favorite Country Group – Restless Heart

Favorite Genre Outside of Country – Christian

Celebrity Crush – Johnny Depp (Super attractive and super talented, what more could you ask for?)

Favorite Holiday – Christmas (especially the food)

Describe your job to someone from another planet: “I get to be silly and play music and hopefully make people happy.”

What song would you choose to play every time you walked into a room? When she was in her 20’s, the bars used to actually play a song every time her and her roommate walked in – “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” by Travis Tritt.

How the Other DJs Would Describe Her in One Word

Insightful, Compassionate, Boss, Focused, Understanding

Fun Facts from the Other DJs

“Tracey is friends with one of my professors from college (Oklahoma State)” – Marshall Garrett

“Tracey is an expert coffee brew master” – Trail Boss Troy

“Tracey used to be a barista (and own her own coffee bar) and makes fun coffees” – Crystal Raye